Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving at the Falk house was really relaxing and fun. We usually protest having it out our house cause’ my mom goes all out when it comes to breaking out the China.. but there was no escaping this year. We spend more time cooking and cleaning than we do anything else! I vote chinette and chinese food next year.. The night before, my extended family comes over and we order pizza, play games, show the boys up in pool… spend Thanksgiving together all the next day, and later that night we hang out and watch movies. This year Alexa’s boyfriend Ty came along. I’m surprised they’re still together at this point! Haha families can be pretty intense.

The night after Thanksgiving we have a tradition where we go out shopping as a family for Christmas and then have a nice dinner at a steakhouse. I went to Michael Kors to see if they had an ipad case that I could get for my Mom, and I have never been followed so closely by a salesperson in my life. She actually looked at my outfit and said ‘I’m so JEL’ hahah I’m sorry, I just couldn’t handle it. I went down to my favorite Ebar cafe right outside of Nordstroms at City Creek, and read a new book I just bought called ‘Proof Of Heaven’. It’s about a neurosurgeon’s journey through afterlife in his NDE after suffering from a rare form of meningitis. I am fascinated by this stuff, and I love hearing new perspectives on consciousness. My greatest takeaway was that we have angels guiding us through this life, and we are created from unconditional love. We are not born unworthy. We are Loved completely!


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