Rest in Heaven, Roxy ♥

Our sweet Roxy girl passed away 2 days ago. It was one of the saddest car rides of my life. Her sitting on my lap in her little bed, and me knowing it was the last time I would be able to hold her and give her a ‘high five’… something she just learned on her own. I was supposed to take her into the vet that morning for a checkup, but she took a turn for the worse this weekend so my Mom, my sister and I watched her go, peacefully.

It’s been a sad few days. Memories of her come to me in waves and I find myself running errands or just having a conversation with someone and next thing I’m sobbing. You don’t realize the everyday things you do with your pets, and then they’re gone and it’s kind of empty. Some of my favorite moments are when I would stay at my parents house and watch the girlfriends (that’s what I called her and my dog Cayenne). They would wake me up early in the mornings, so I’d take them with me in the car and little Rox would sit on my lap, and we would drive down to Starbucks. Everyone at the drive-thru would die at how cute she was :)

She was so sweet, and feisty at the same time. Kind of a diva… hahah. She was so friendly and warm with people… my friends all loved her. We got her for Christmas when I was 10 and she has been a blessing to our family ever since. She brought so much laughter and love just by being the little Roxstar that she was. We had so much fun dressing her up for Halloween, or putting her in little Christmas sweaters.

She was my Mom and I’s little lover dog and followed us everywhere. She always joked that no one loved her as much as Roxy did. We used to lay in bed with her on Sunday’s, make eggs for her in the mornings, and my favorite was being able to cradle her like a baby! She was perfect for holding & the closest thing I had to caring for something like a child.

She always knew her family. I secretly loved that at any party, she just wanted to be held by me. She was so protective, too! Any time someone invaded my personal space, Rox was on it! Even when someone would lean in to hug me, she thought it was going somewhere else.. hah.

It’s hard to picture my family, my life without her. When things were crazy, she was constant. Always my Roxy girl. I keep thinking about how I always imagined her sitting on my lap with me while I was sound-checking in a big arena before a show. She would have been fun on tour.

I’m grateful for all the love and laughs she brought to my life. I’ll miss her for the little things, and I know I’ll miss them every day. Her little feet were my favorite and that girl left a paw print on my heart forever. Love you Roxy.

Love, Natalee

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