Nashville Happenings: Falk Update

So as you probably know, we’re living in Nashville now! I made the move last month, and Alexa caught up about 3 weeks ago. Never thought we’d be living together again, but here we are! It’s a good thing we always have fun together and are never NOT laughing. We live in such a cute town. It’s the perfect mix between suburbs and city life with a small town feel. The homes are adorable and southern, and the people here are so kind. They really go out of their way to make you feel welcome. When they find out that I’m new to town they are always like “Oh HONEY let me tell you the best places to go out to.. come out with my friends and I, we’ll show you around!” I hear “Ma’am, darling, and baby” a lot too.. Spring is in full bloom here and we have the cutest purple flowers coming through our walk way. There are bunnies and squirrels playing outside in our front yard too all the time. I feel like I’m living in a Disney movie with the little woodland creatures. I can’t say enough how cute this place is. We’re right by a few Universities, the mall, bluebird cafe, Whole Foods.. and Cheesecake Factory where I’ve already spent too much time already!




One of the first/craziest things we did here was learning how to shoot a gun. We met a really cool guy at a songwriter’s night we performed at, and he wanted to show us around TN.. so we went shooting! He dressed us up and everything. I literally had a bruise on my arm for a week after. Those guns are powerful! About knocked me off my feet. I shot at clay pigeons… lol and I actually realized it wasn’t a real pigeon… but I hit some! Girls got aim. That was about the only time you would see me without my high heels on, besides the gym. Another fun thing we got to do was see the cast of ABC’s show “Nashville” perform all the music on the show at a place here called 3rd and Linsley. I’m in love with Deacon Clayborne, and ladies, he did not disappoint. He’s just as handsome in real life. It’s so fun that there’s always something going on here… Last week we got to see JoDee Messina up close live while eating dinner. One of my favorite Artist growing up! She is sassy and her voice is fabulous.




I went back to Utah for a few days, and I already missed this place! I’m living in a place of possibilities for our music and it’s exciting. I met some of the nicest people on my flights to  Utah and back. The guy on my flight there was kind enough to give me his ipad and let me watch a movie! On my way home, I talked to another guy for the full 3.5 hours. I guess I have a really loud voice b/c my sister’s boyfriend who as on the flight with me said the whole plane heard my conversation. Lol I guess that’s why I’m a singer. I’ve just been making friends all over the place! That, and I like to talk I guess.

I’m wearing my Boston hat today and got thinking of all the people and their families who were injured last Monday. So sad.. It really puts life into perspective. My Mom and Dad always told me that what can be fixed with money is not a ‘problem’.. something ever happening to me, that’s a problem. Sometimes I think that we forget the very basic things we can feel grateful for. Just our being alive, our healthy friends and family, our ability to see and hear and experience life every day. I’m reading a book called ‘You Are Here’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and it’s really brought a lot of mindfulness to the things I do. I make it a point to write down what I’m grateful for, the clarity and insights and positive aspects that happen throughout the day. I write down what I appreciate about life, especially because I want more of that! You get what you think about most of the time! Anyways, we’ve got meetings this week and will be doing a lot of that, so wish us luck & have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Natalee

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