Keith Urban Concert

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Seeing Keith Urban in concert.. at the Bridgestone arena.. in Nashville. No question it was one of the coolest and most inspiring moments of my life!  He is one of the greatest influences in my life in music — being so incredible in all areas… guitar, singing, producing, writing, performing… It was really an amazing thing to see it all come together in the greatest and most fun concert I’ve ever been to.

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We were in Sweden for my 13th birthday recording an album, and I would put on his song ‘You’ll Think of Me’ every night falling asleep. It’s just always been my go-to song for everything, even still. A few years ago I heard the ‘Live’ version someone posted of his performance, and I had to learn it and exactly how he played it, (later posting that version on our YouTube channel). I just so connect with his voice and I love his style of music — that’s really the kind of Country music I LOVE and what I aspire to create.

 So Saturday night was the concert here in Nashville, and I guess it was the last show of his “Light The Fuse” tour, which I didn’t know. So even at the beginning of the show he was like “I hope you don’t mind Nashville, this is a really special show and we might make it a bit longer.” The whole time I’m like nudging Amanda like “Is it coming up next?! Is this it!?” It ended up being a 4 1/2 hr show! & He played every. song. but one.

I was crushed.
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By the end of show my cousin was like “Natalee are you alright” I’m like Yeah yeah of course… and we walk out… and I just start sobbing! The whole concert I was waiting for that moment. Towards the end I got thinking “oh well maybe he’s saving the best for  last”.. and it never. came. His whole show was just amazing, so this definitely didn’t take away from me singing to every one of his songs &  feeling so much joy being there!  Towards the end he came back on stage for some encore songs and after those were  finished I kind of lingered as he was signing autographs hoping he would pick up the acoustic guitar one more time… like you’re punking me right?! haha. When I finally accepted it was over and walked out of the Bridgestone arena, I was feeling so beyond inspired & heartbroken at the same time. So emotional. I had some self-tanner on, and when I got home I had this water line that cut through my makeup and tanner from my eyes to my neck. I wish I would have gotten a picture to show you all. My sister was laughing like “Nat, you’re actually a real fan!”  I just cried to her telling her how amazing he was haha. We all laughed about it the next day with my friends during the
Super Bowl. Oh, the power of music…

I would say I’m a fan of a lot of artist’s music and I enjoy their work, but there’ just something about a few people or musicians that I feel a real connection with. Between my mom and I, I think we have the world beat with how many times we put his albums on repeat.


This concert, his music.. there’s nothing like it.  This performance was one of the most magical of the night. and yes… I cried.


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