It’s a New Year!

Wow, what at trip. The holidays for me were so much fun for me that it was tough getting back into work mode. Luckily, my work is music… and I love it… and there are so many things to be excited about right now that it was easy to go from one exciting thing to another. I took my friend Abby with me over the holidays on a cruise to Mexico. If you’ve ever been with the two of us, you know that we are seriously 2 peas in a pod. We are so similar it’s scary! We are both obsessively organized, love to take naps, call each other Suzan. It’s this weird best friend bond :)


It was the first Christmas my sister and I didn’t spend together! I didn’t think I would be that upset by it, but of course I ended up crying when we called her Christmas morning while opening our stockings on the boat. I’m just pretty emotional in general… my brother makes me put on sunglasses and put my head down anytime I start to tear up. When we got back, we were going right into the new year, and I just felt a kind of excitement and a knowing about this year that I haven’t really felt before. Ideas are just coming, and I’m more ready now to make some changes than I ever have been. This last year for us was really about building the Falk brand. We went through a lot of work to bring it to this point with everything from the photo shoots, designing the website, going on tour for NEDA, and overall gaining invaluable experiences performing. We’re at a new place now, ready to bring it to the next level.

Something we’re really happy about right now is the video we just released in high hopes of getting our song ‘Deadly Beauty’ out to as many people as possible and on The Ellen Show. We’ve had an incredible platform being ambassadors for the National Eating Disorders Association and being able to perform at many walks and conventions this year. Talking to those girls and their families, you realize how powerful music can be and how much it moves people. The relationships we’ve made and the stories we’ve heard have inspired to us to pursue this song and reach as many people as possible this year. If you’ve been inspired by our song ‘Deadly Beauty’ in any way or just simply want to help us share our message this February for National Eating Disorders Awareness month, then please request this song and Falk to be on The Ellen Show through their website:


We appreciate the support and all the kind words from everyone!

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