Being Home

It seems like we’ve been traveling every weekend for the past month to different cities. For the next 2 weeks we’re able to stay here, close to home, and get back into the routine of things before we’re back on the road to Austin, TX. I love being home. I’m really such a homebody who would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie then go out on the town. I’m also a creature of habit and routine, so I like being where I can get back into the rhythm of what I do.. Recently I’ve just gotten into the TV series ‘Revenge’ and I am completely obsessed. I make breakfast (with a chai latte & pumpkin bread of course) and watch it every morning. Let’s just say Daniel Grayson is a dream boat. I found out, however, that he has a british accent in real life.. and I don’t like it as much! So I’ll just pretend he is who he is in the show ;) I love Emily & Nolan, too!

My weekend has consisted of games all around. My brother’s high school football game resulted in a win over one of the highest ranked team in Utah. Such a proud sister!! Usually I’m a little more reserved, but I get so invested & worked up at these games! It’s my little Betty Luke out there! (his new nickname from Mandy and me hahah). My sister and I walked out on the field at half time and accepted an award for sponsoring their team this season. We just couldn’t stop laughing out there! Sometimes we can be so immature. hahaha we’re gonna have to be better at receiving attention I guess. BUT that does not include my brother’s friends… ahem… they can be a little forward!

Friday we went to the USU hockey game and watched the boys throw down. Literally. I am shocked at how violent it gets!! I guess I’m used to rules and boys being protected, but they go all out! We went to a party afterward, and that’s like all they talk about. They get pleasure beating the shit out of other players, but they’re all really nice guys! It’s CRAYz.

We went to the Aggie football game the next day, and my poor friend Toni got bit by a bee! We were just talking and she was eating a sucker, and well, she went to lick and the bee stung her tongue. Painful. On Saturday’s or when I get time off, I mostly love eating, shopping, and playing guitar. I have my local favorites where they pretty much know my order by heart. Great Harvest, Kneaders, Starbucks, Caffe Ibis, Logan’s Hero’s, Jamba Juice. I am pretty consistent and predictable when it comes to what I like :)

As of late, like I said, TV shows have been consuming my life. I have been watching Modern Family, too. And OMG Phil Dunphy and Luke are possibly my favorite people alive! So funny. Every Wednesday we get together and watch the new series ‘Nashville’. I usually make turkey steaks and we drink root bear from the bottle. So appropriate and so fun!

I love being home, especially being out so much lately, I feel like I have permission to sit in my room and play guitar, hang out, do some fun shopping at TJ Maxx, play with the dogs, see my friends! You would think that I would catch up on my social life a little more, but it’s really crazy how much of my own company I love. I’m totally in my element being alone sometimes. I believe it’s all about balance though… I’m learning mine!


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