Behind The Music – New Songs on iTunes!

This has been such an exciting week here in Falk Land! We’ve just released our first three singles out on iTunes, and we’ve got so many more fun things coming your way! Including a brand new website full of fun stuff! I have to say a quick thank you to our AMAZING web designer who completely took our vision for the site and created something so wonderful and more than we even expected. We love it, and we know you will too! We’ve been working all summer to prepare for this September, and it’s so awesome to finally see it all come together. The songs out on iTunes & Amazon right now are Deadly Beauty, Chase Me, and Will You Catch Me.

Alexa wrote the song ‘Deadly Beauty’ when she was just 16 years old, and was the winner of the “Cosmo Girl magazine songwriting competition”. The song was originally just one that we were both really passionate about because of the personal story behind it, but after playing it on  a radio station here in Utah, 97.1 ZHT (back when we were known as Faces Without Names) the response from the listeners was overwhelming.

Without meaning to, this song kind of became a platform on which we stand today. This time last year, we performed for the first time at a NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) walk in New York City, and one year later we are ambassadors traveling all over the country playing at several walks & conventions. We were told many times from several producers & other people in the music industry that this song was ‘too heavy’ to come out with… but that’s why we do what we do. We love to share our stories and our honesty through music. We recorded this song 2 times in the past, both with a full band and more aggressive productions, but this time we wanted to keep it very intimate and stripped — how we have always envisioned it. We’re so happy that we are finally able to share it with you & so grateful to all of you who have already purchased the song! The many blessings that have come from a painful experience is incredible. We are donating half of all the proceeds generated from this song to NEDA. We’re so appreciative to their association and what they are doing to help empower those girls & their families everywhere. We’re happy to be a part of it.

We’re shooting a live performance of it next week, so look for it on YouTube soon.

‘Chase Me’ has been one of our favorites ever since Lex first wrote it. This song has been in our catalog for a while now, in fact, eve since I was 16. Every time we played it for a producer or someone in the industry, it always stuck out as a favorite! People have always been really excited about this song, and secretly I think it’s because everyone wants to be chased! haha not literally, but we all want to feel wanted, right?? I mean, as a girl, I can tell you that sometimes it’s tough just to take the back seat & feel hopeful that the guy you like will have the kind of persistence it takes to get a good thing. My favorite lyric is: “It shouldn’t be this way, this was not the plan so I won’t pursue, I won’t act like that don’t think I’ll follow you, no this is in your hands. What’s a girl gotta do? Just give me the moon. I want you Chase Me.” This song is fun because I can sing it… without saying it. My brother is a Senior in High School and the quarterback of his football team. When all of his buddies come over to hang out, I always get a least one of them singing to me ‘I want you Chaaaaase Me.” So funny. One actually let me know the other day after he got it on iTunes that it “soothes him to sleep” hahah. Good to know that boys are taking note.

We have a Pop Version of this song that we’ll be releasing on iTunes and pop radio stations this fall! Watch for it.

‘Will you catch me’ was actually one of the more recent songs Alexa wrote, but once we heard it, it kind of took over the other options we had in the running to record. This song really represents the way that Alexa work together creatively. She will bring a song she’s been working on, we’ll play it together, and like with this song I’ll add something like the guitar lick. The way we sing together is also pretty unorthodox. We’re constantly swtiching up lead vocals and harmonies. We both sing lead and we both sing harmonies. It varies from verse to chorus, really! We had always performed it acoustically, but once the Nashville musicians started playing on the track, it totally brought the song to life! We always imagined a deep blue sparkling night sky when we listen to it. My favorite part is the way the vocals build on each chorus. Check it out!

We’ve got a really fun, new song “Don’t Wait” coming out on October 10th!! We appreciate all the love and support!

-XO Falk

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