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First and foremost, our brand new single “Don’t Wait” came out on iTunes today!! It’s fun, it’s country, it’s fast.. don’t wait to get it. Get it? Hahaha! Anyways…I apologize because I missed my blogging duties last week. We’ve been so busy, and trust me, I already got an ear-full from my sister and cousin about missing the week. Alexa says I have to pay for her lunch for the month if I miss it again (not gonna happen!). Now I am writing for about 2 weeks, which is going to be a lot because we have been doing A LOT. It started with a video shoot with our friend Ryan Baylis for a live performance of our song “Deadly Beauty”. We wanted to give everyone a visual of the new version, rather than the one that is posted under our old band Faces Without Names. Look for the release of that in the next week! :)

The next day, we took off to Chicago for another NEDA walk. Our friend Jessica,  who went to College with us here in Utah, lives out there now. She picked us up from the airport, and we headed down to Lakeshore Drive where we were staying. It was a Friday night and I think she was ready to celebrate us being there…but before she could mention it I was already in my PJs, makeup off, and in bed. Haha, the work hours caught up to me! The next morning we got a cab, grabbed some breakfast, and were walking around Lincoln Park looking for the event. I was in leopard heels, holding a guitar and my purse, and walking on gravel. Not so fun. But the event paid off for the toll my feet took to get there. The people at the event were so lovely and kind! There were fans there that had seen the lyrics video of our song on YouTube, and were SO excited to hear us play it live! I had a hard time keeping it together, I won’t lie. Singing out to a sea of people and seeing them cry just melts my heart. Jessica was the perfect wing/PR woman there with us that day. She can give our musical story in about 30 seconds and leave people rooting for us and wanting to buy the music. She’s kind of a boss lady. ;)

(With Kristen Haglund, Miss America 2008)

The day was so relaxing and fun. If you know Alexa or I, you know that sitting down for coffee and talking about the happy things in life is one of our favorite things to do. So we found a Starbucks with cute little autumn leaves hanging in the window, ordered our pumpkin lattes, and sat down to talk about what we are grateful for. It’s inspiring to be around people that count their blessings more than their burdens. And we’re able to laugh, too…that’s never ending! Amanda and I took off to Michigan Avenue afterwards to grab lunch and take a look at the shops, which is always fun! And later that night, we went out for a night in Chi-Town… :)

(Singing and being crazy in our hotel room… At least Alexa was ;)

If you’ve been following our Facebook Twitter, then you know that we’re on a NEDA weekend kind of a tour. It seems that every weekend, we’re in a different city! This last weekend it was a day trip to New York. It was our 1 year anniversary being involved with this organization, and we are so grateful. The midnight flight from Utah to New York was better in memory than it actually was this time around. If you don’t have a window seat or someone next to you that you know, then you’re pretty much screwed. You end up bobbing your head the whole time and get what I call ‘disrupted sleep’. Poor Amanda…she BARELY got any sleep on the way out there, and the trip home she was graced with a screaming baby who hit her with toys the entire flight. I can’t help laughing about it…although, I would be such a bear if I were in her situation!

When we got to NYC, we headed to the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. We kind of insinuated to the bellmen that we had been staying there and asked them to hold our luggage while we ate breakfast, haha! After a delicious meal, we grabbed our guitars and luggage and made our way to the AMAZING Foley Square — which is right by the Brooklyn Bridge and where they hold the NYC NEDA walk each year. Starbucks near by? Check. Over 800 people showed up that morning! Girls and their moms came up to us before the show thanking us for being there and telling us how much they’ve loved our music ever since they heard it at last year’s walk. That is so nice to hear…especially after being told from producers that this song was ‘too heavy’ to come out with. It’s reassuring to meet these wonderful people and feel like we are on the right path. After the show, the weather turned from overcast to straight up rain, but we stuck it out to sing a few more songs, do a few interviews, and get photos with fans. Afterwards, we headed back through the city with our luggage and new ponchos thanks to some fans that saw how wet we were! Alexa was loving it. She made me put on the poncho and run around Times Square dancing with her (we’ve got it all on tape, just wait…) Then we wanted to eat lunch without all the baggage we were carrying around…so we went back to the Marriott, asked for the same bag holding service…and the lady caught onto our schemes! I had to the leave the situation  because I was too nervous, but Alexa had her looking up about 5 different names and calling to check if they had a room there! Hahaha, it was quite a situation! We ended up just sneaking back upstairs to the nice MALE bellmen and they were more than helpful. :)

We’re back here in Utah now, but today we leave for Florida for the Annual NEDA convention. We’ll be there the entire weekend soaking up the Florida rays, and meeting some really wonderful people along the way, I’m sure! Don’t forget to get our newest song out on iTunes, “Don’t Wait”. You’ll love it, I promise!

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