Next Up: iTunes and Natalee Falk as the Bachelorette! ;)

So…our new songs are coming out on iTunes SEPTEMBER 3RD!!! We couldn’t be more excited! There is so much going on that it can seem overwhelming at times, but it’s definitely the good kind of busy. In between the rush of the music scene, we’ve had quite a lot happen in our personal lives. Natalee turned 21 last week…officially. :) We had such a great celebration in Salt Lake City with our family and a few friends. It was a surprise dinner at our favorite steakhouse, Flemings, followed by a funny night out!

Mandy, our cousin and Creative Services Manager, and I decided to give Natalee a present she wouldn’t forget. Since Natalee is VERY picky when it comes to dating, I had always joked that when she turned 21, I would nominate her for The Bachelorette! That way she would be forced to pick a boyfriend. She thought it was a big joke…but little did she know that we’d actually do it. So during her dinner celebration, we presented Natalee with the audition video we had created and sent to ABC. Earlier that week, we got Natalee to answer “dating” questions by telling her that we were filming an interview for our upcoming show in Cincinnati. She totally bought it, and the whole thing went over perfectly! We really did submit the video, so who knows? Maybe Natalee WILL be the next Bachelorette!

After dinner, we all piled in a stretch limo and went bar hopping in downtown SLC. We had a blast, and made memories we’ll have forever. The celebration continued all weekend, especially after our little brother had an amazing football game! Logan High beat Cottonwood 35-0, and will be playing Bountiful this Friday. Next week, we leave for Cincinnati to perform at a NEDA walk…followed by another walk in Minneapolis the next morning. THEN we fly to Nashville for a couple of days to record 5 more songs! And, before all this happens, we’re both moving to different apartments. So…we definitely have a lot going on, haha! Overall, we’re excited about the future, and just trying to enjoy this fun ride!

XO- Alexa

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