Making Magic!!

Our crazy weekend started Thursday at 6:55am when we called into 99.3 – Eagle Country for the tri-cities area – for an interview with radio personality Bubba Bo regarding our upcoming NEDA shows and iTunes release.

It was an early morning, but it was a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences there. Later that day, we met with our public relations rep, Peri, for media training. She offered up common interview questions that related to our ambassadorship for NEDA, and basically taught us what NOT to do and say! Haha! We had a great time sipping lattes as we discussed all of our upcoming opportunities and plans for the album.

The next day we took off to Cincinnati, OH, and when we landed we realized our hotel was in Indiana. Amanda and I had a great time giving Natalee lessons on Midwest geography…I think we were all so loopy from exhaustion that anything and everything was funny! The next morning we headed to the first performance of our NEDA tour in Lawrenceburg, IN. We met so many amazing women, and it was great to see how many people came out to support the cause. Right before we played “Deadly Beauty,” the walk coordinator Paula shared her personal story of losing her daughter to an eating disorder. We were nearly in tears, and had a hard time getting through the song because so many people in the audience were crying. It was a very powerful and emotional morning. Afterwards, we were headed to Minneapolis…but had 5 hrs to kill in the airport first. We decided to get lunch…along with a drink to celebrate! We decided on Bahama Mama’s, and let’s just say mine hit me a little quicker than the others…

We stopped by a place called “Natalie’s Candy Shop.” Natalee’s nickname is “Candy Land” because she simply LOVES her candy…it’s only fitting. I tried to get away with sampling all the candies before I bought them, and then I found the Jelly Bean section. There were SO many flavors, that I just had to get a few samples of them all! However, I didn’t take into consideration just how much gourmet airport jelly beans would cost, so when my total came to $38.00, we were all dying laughing that I spent so much money on candy! It was our joke for the rest of the trip. About every 10 minutes, Natalee would raise her eyebrows, look at me strangely and say “jelly bean!?” – in a voice that resembled Sloth from The Goonies when he says “Baby Ruth?” I would just start busting up and open the bag so she could grab a handful. I spent half the time yelling at her to stop eating only the buttered-popcorn ones – drives me crazy! We had an intense crash after lack of sleep and over-consumption of sugar. Amanda thought it was funny to exploit my exhaustion, and kept taking pictures of me passed out on the terminal chairs!


We made it to our hotel that night around 7pm, and decided to order room service and a movie. We were so goofy and annoying…I felt so bad for the people staying above, below, and beside us. We had an early wakeup call the next morning of 5:30am to head to the next NEDA walk at the Mall of America. Inside, there is a giant theme park called Nickelodeon Universe that we were adoring with Morgan Karr (another artist performing at the walk) as we went on a coffee hunt before the show. The performance went great, and we had such much fun meeting and taking pictures with FALK fans. Afterwards, we packed up and head to the airport AGAIN to catch a flight to Nashville. In between us landing, getting our rental car, and then driving back to the airport to pick up our mother, we decided to check out the Nashville scene. We went out to Broadway to see what the city is like after a Titans vs. Patriots game…lets just say it’s wild!

We spent all night laughing and imitating the drunken hooligans that were hitting on us. Natalee was practically drooling once we got into town because of “all the cute boys,” haha! I even caught her on camera staring at a waiter’s butt! We went to dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s famous Margaritaville and there was a woman walking around on stilts making balloon hats. She asked me what balloon she should make for Natalee, and I instructed her to make the most obnoxious/embarrassing ensemble ever created. I wish I had known that after Natalee’s hat was complete, she would ask her the very same question. I ended up wearing a TOWER on my head! NO EXAGGERATION – literally 20 feet into the air! We were almost in tears laughing when we re-emerged back onto Broadway street because of the reaction we received from bystanders. At one point, my tower hat hit a street lamp, and one of the balloons popped. I, along with everyone around us, freaked out because it sounded like a gunshot, haha! We also got that on film! Later, we reopened the jelly beans, and by the time we got to the airport to pick up my mom, our sugar-high had set in again and she wasn’t amused.

The next day we got to sleep in for the first time…eyes closed till 9:30 am, then headed to “Noshville,” our favorite local diner. We spent the day sitting in coffee shops and driving to show Amanda around Nashville. We met up with our good friend/artist coach/ songwriter Trina Harmon. We all caught up, and then went to meet our producer Jason Deere at Benchmark Studios to continue our reunion. After we all had a few good laughs, Ilya Toshinsky came by to go over pre-production on the new five songs we’re recording. It was a long night of deciding what songs to record because we all had our favorites, but we finally got it figured out. Then on Tuesday, we spent all day in the studio MAKING MAGIC! It’s so amazing to take something that started as an idea, and watch it come to life. Music is amazing because it’s only a short story – with a few paragraphs of lyrics – but just 3 minutes can capture the essence of emotion and convey what a heart is feeling more than any explanation could.

The next step with these five songs is to get Jason out to Utah to record the vocals, mix the songs, and then share them with YOU! I’m so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on…but I’m mostly just excited to sleep in my own bed! J Then, in 2 weeks, the adventure starts again!

XO – Alexa

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