Living Life in a Suitcase

So this past week has been pretty packed when I look back at it! We’ve had a couple of shows, television appearances, weddings, studio time, and FALK meetings. It’s crazy busy, but we’re lucky that we get to travel everywhere together because we always make sure to include something fun in the mix. Last Friday, we did an interview for PCTV that required an un-godly wake up call! After filming, we all went for breakfast at a cute nearby cafe, and played “your-team” the whole way home (stay tuned for more on THAT game!). We then split up for shopping, pool-time, movies, working out, and napping. That night we went out for dinner and finished the night watching drunk women “shake it” at the SLC piano bar, “Keys On Main.” It was Mandy’s (our Creative Services Manager) birthday celebration, so it was fun watching her squirm all night — just praying that I didn’t submit her name to join the dueling pianists on stage! I was tempted!

We headed back to Logan in the morning to get ready to perform “It’s You” – a song I wrote for our friends Ally and Benson’s wedding. We had Sunday off to unpack and repack, then on Monday we headed down to our show in Coalville…at which point I was stuck in the back with all the equipment and merchandise! Before we went on stage, Nat and I sat behind the curtain speaking in our fake Russian accents while she pushed me around on the equipment wheely. We decided we’re going to come up with a pre-show ritual. So far, we just bump butts, laugh, make obnoxious noises, and flick each other, hahaha! We’ll either come up with a cool handshake, or we’ll get mini trampolines. We have waaaay too much energy to sit still before shows!

Afterwards, we had a blast signing autographs and learning about rodeos and bull riding from our fans…have you ever heard of a Buckaroo?! The car ride home was a quiet one, because we were all SO EXHAUSTED! Then yesterday, we headed to Alpine’s “Soularium Studios” to meet up with Stoker (our engineer) and Jason Deere (our producer) and finish the vocals to our new song “Paint My Heart.” Jason entertained us as usual, and you all will get to see just how funny he is in our weekly webisode because we got a majority of his comments on film!

Overall, it’s been a pretty eventful week, and the hecticness and constant travel is all just beginning! It’s a good thing we enjoy it, because our national NEDA tour starts next month. Check back to see if FALK is coming to YOUR city. :)

XO – Alexa

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