Law of Attraction – In Action!

I have been sick, and haven’t gone to the gym for a week. That’s a problem because the amount of excess energy I currently have is ridiculous. I don’t believe in labeling, but those who do would say I have an extreme case of ADD. I have practiced keeping focused through meditation and working out…but since I haven’t had my daily gym visits to calm myself, I’ve had to exert my energy in other ways. For example, I just did donuts in the studio’s parking lot for about 8 minutes…that didn’t work. So I started dancing hideously when we put on the vocal tracks, while Stoker (the engineer at Soularium Studios) had his back turned. Mandy & Natalee were amused, and started filming me. I had to do pushups to finally be able to sit still…and I’m debating going running down the block if I don’t calm the-falk-down!

So for the past week, we’ve been between the studio and Austin, Texas. I’ve been phoneless for the duration of it all since I dropped it in the toilet for the 2ND TIME THIS YEAR!!! It was pretty adventurous to be phoneless in another state. At one point, I lost Mandy and Natalee in the airport because I went to the wrong baggage claim. It could’ve been a disaster, but thank goodness I found them! The life of my wireless was finally resurrected yesterday, and what do I do!? DROP IT! So now the whole damn screen is shattered. It’s just been one of those weeks, but at least I can laugh about it. Throughout my life, I’ve learned tragedy and comedy are the same thing. It’s all up to perspective, and I’d rather choose one that makes me feel better!

Austin was a lot of fun! For the first time in the past 6 NEDA shows, Natalee and I had seats together on the flight. We had quite a bonding experience, which started the trip off right. Once we got to our hotel and started to unpack, I discovered that my NyQuil had betrayed me…and decided to leave it’s nasty Jager-bomb-smelling presence on my pajamas, toiletries, workout clothes, swimming suits, hats, running shoes, and my nice blue/white collared shirt. I threw everything in the tub, then hung the wet clothes on the closet hangers… not realizing the dripping sound would last all night. Hahaha, oops! It’s been a definite week of “Law Of Attraction In Action”! We had a show the next morning, so I took what little I had left of the nasty cough syrup and looked for an unfulfilled dream of a good night’s sleep. I should’ve known better, because Natalee was my designated sleeping partner.

My nervous system was set in shock 3 times throughout the night because of Natalee’s 2am, 3am and 5am panic attacks. She startled me awake every time by screaming and darting out of bed. My reaction to her action was so quick that I found myself grabbing my knees, terrorized on the other side of the hotel room floor. As I was waiting for my cells to stop buzzing, I realized that Natalee was having a nightmare AGAIN! This happened literally 3 times throughout the night, but she only remembered one of her dreams. It was about an evil baby being thrown across the room. She jumped out of bed to save the ‘demon’ and apparently needed me for moral support (I’m assuming that’s why she screamed my name and repeatedly told me to “hurry”). I hardly slept at all, and felt like I had a severe hangover the next morning. I could’ve killed her!!!

The show was in a beautiful setting, and we spent the morning reading while the NEDA volunteers set up the stage. The new book I’m on is “Seth Speaks.” and the whole thing is fascinating! I read Natalee a few pages of it, so now she’s pressing me to finish it so we can trade. Mandy’s family came out, and it was really fun to go to lunch and hang out with them! We were pretty exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, so we decided to grab coffee…but then opted for an afternoon nap instead. And get this – I had a light on because I was going to read before sleeping, and NATALEE had the AUDACITY to get mad at me for keeping her up! I’ve made a deal with my subconscious to save all of my scary dreams for the next time I have to share a bed with her! Payback shall be a scary bitch! Hahaha

When we woke up, Mandy had to tune Natalee and I out while we went off on spiritual tangents for about two hours! When we are in alignment, we are inseparable! Later, we decided to go out, and headed for the highly recommended 6th Street. We met two foreigners – one from Austria and one from Italy. We all had dinner at a sports bar called “Bikini’s” (Austin’s finest!) and we decided to get the full experience of the town. So, we ordered a few brewskies, and a Texas-sized burger…not realizing that they would be presenting an ENTIRE COW between the buns! I think the reaction of the Italian man, Alessandro, was the best part of it all!

One of our best friends Geoff is in the Air Force and stationed in San Antonio, TX. When we were getting ready, Mandy saw on Facebook that he was in Austin for the night…so we called him and he and his cousin came and met up with us on 6th Street! It was a fun night of dancing and exploring the fun town! I made everyone go home early since the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck had decided to triple in size. We must’ve looked so awkward because Geoff and Natalee were giving me a neck/throat massages the whole way home!


The trip home was smooth, and it was nice to get back to our winter wonderland after having some sun in Texas! Now we’re finishing up the vocals on our NEW songs (which you’ll love!), and getting ready for the holidays! :)

Wishing everyone well! – Alexa


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