If You Don’t Play Hard, the Work Suffers!

So, we’re headed to Chicago this weekend for another NEDA event, and we’re really looking forward to it! We finally feel organized, and that’s a feeling that is long overdue. We have our new website up, our new music released on iTunes, and now we’re establishing a new flow/schedule. We all have our own roles within our Falk team, and it just makes everything easier. Between the two of us, Natalee handles the details like color schemes, photos, bios…basically the things I would never even think of! Logo font?! What?! Hahaha! And it’s my job to pump out the tunes (8 songs a month), so I’ve been writing like crazy. I guess it’s a good thing that my life is full of material, haha!

As we get busier, our motto is that if you don’t play hard, work suffers. So, we decided to reward ourselves with a little fun this weekend after the music overload of last week. We started Friday night by going to our little brother Luke’s Homecoming football game (he’s the QB). Our label sponsored the team, so it was funny to watch the football fans around us looking at our ad in the program so intently. Luke was nominated into Logan High’s royalty court, so he came out in an old school convertible during half time. It was so cute! The game was pretty intense…I really thought that they were going to call it a loss, but Logan ended up pulling through! It was such an adrenaline rush!

After the win, we went to the USU hockey team’s Redneck-themed party…and we went ALL OUT! We had a nice shopping spree at the D.I. and found some pretty fabulous Hillbilly gems. It was very fitting because Nat and I already have alter egos named “Karl with a K Stickles” and “Wilfred Fillmore”. They are redneck best friends, and together they are hilarious! They even have their own Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/KarlAndWilfred?ref=ts That night Karl and Wilfred were in rare form, and provided quite a bit of entertainment for the whole party! We had such a blast, and created stories from that night to last us a lifetime!

I decided to carry that redneck theme throughout the rest of my weekend. After a girls dinner on Saturday, I went catfish fishing with my boyfriend and some friends at 1:30am! I didn’t get home until almost 5am!!! It’s a good thing that our gig the next day was at a coffee shop, because if it wasn’t, I’m not sure I would’ve been awake. We had a great time with our fans at the show Sunday. We even brought two of them up for a “guest appearance.” They sang a few songs, and it was fun for us to be in the audience for a change. Our shows just seem to be getting more fun, so we’re looking forward to the next one in Chicago this weekend! One of our best friends, Jessica, lives there, and we haven’t seen her since December… so I’m sure we’ll come home with PLENTY of stories! I honestly can’t wait!

Oh…and I also got my cat Trudeaux a harness and a leash, so I’m looking forward to taking him for walks while the weather is still nice. Should be a great week! :)

XO – Alexa


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