Happy Halloween!!

So we started the morning dressed like polygamists in the spirit of Halloween, and when my dad walked into our office, he instantly got it. He was laughing pretty hard, and spent the first part of our music meeting taking pictures of our costumes. We all went next door to the Beehive Grill for lunch, and I’m sure that the onlookers got a kick out of us Falk sister-wives! With my dad in the mix, it looked like we belonged on a new episode of Big Love, haha! Halloween is one of my favorite “should-be-holidays”. Planning your costume is almost just as fun as actually wearing it! I’m really looking forward to passing out candy in my costume, and scaring little kids tonight! (I kid, I kid…sorta)

The festivities have been fun, and it’s nice to have been home long enough to enjoy them. Our next destination is Texas, and that’s not until next week. That officially makes our 3 week break the longest we’ve been home since the spring! It’s been nice, but I think we’re all itching to get back on the road. Our new song “Fall into Me” (check it out here!) is also coming out on iTunes November 12th, and we’ll be getting back in the studio next week to record more! I CAN’T WAIT to finish these new ones – I just know that everyone will love them as much as Nat and I do!

Hope everyone is doing great! Happy Halloween!!!

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