Dreaming Dreams for 2013

Where to begin…

So for my blog I guess I’ll pick up where Nat left off last Wednesday! We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving break and then had a few in-depth music meetings…where we decided that December would be the perfect time to reassess and plan what 2013 is going to look like for FALK!!! We all met at Starbucks last week, and shared ideas about how to maximize our growth and development and reach our dreams for nearly two hours! I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty stoked about the brainstorm baby that was birthed from that session. If everything that we’re planning runs smoothly, then 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for us!

Since we’re taking most of December to reflect on our professional lives, I thought I would do the same in my personal life. With our song “Deadly Beauty” coming out this year, there was a lot of emphasis on “who I used to be” in the media. Most of our publicity focused heavily on the eating disorder aspect, rather than my recovery. For me that was the most important part of it all…the end result, the actions I took to heal myself, and the ways that our music is connecting with other girls to lessen/prevent their own personal struggle. As human beings, it is our tendency to see people for who they were and the choices they used to make instead of seeing them clearly for who they are in the present moment. I’ve spent these last few years overcoming my past, and in the process, I’ve completely changed my perspective of myself and of life in general. I have a long ways to go, but I’m spending my time recognizing how far I’ve come!

A while ago, my dad introduced me to the “THREE-to-one.” process. Implementing it has worked really well for me this past year. Every day, I spend 10 minutes writing down THREE things I did well during the day. Then, I find an area that needs improvement. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel proud and accomplished. It has replaced my old pattern of belittling myself for the things that weren’t perfect. I’ve learned that criticism has a crippling effect, and it stifles the growth of a person who is trying to better themselves. By noticing what we do right instead, we then enhance it subconsciously. The side effects of this continual positivity tend to be happiness and self-confidence – two things I’m all for! In retrospect, there are probably a billion things I could do better, but I’d rather spend my time and energy feeling accomplished for the positive changes I’ve already made. So, I’m spending December journaling, reflecting, forgiving, letting go, moving on, and dreaming dreams for 2013. I’m excited for what is to come, and I hope everyone else is too!

Much love,

Alexa <3

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